The Modern AR Project PART2: 

In part one I gave a short history of the AR from my own personal perspective... 

Now in Part two, I will try to give you an idea of what I came up with as a build that follows the Idea of Inrange's WWSD Project rifle...

First, I do not speak for Inrange, although this rifle is based on their ideas, I am in no way associated with them other then I donate a tiny amount of money to them every month and I Love most of the stuff they put out.  

Their WWSD rifle, is a commercial product that is sold through   If you want the Inrange answer to all of the questions that were asked and the final product, cool... I recommend that you head over there and buy it.  

I saw a negative review of this Brownells produced WWSD and it was primarily critical on the price.  The problem with the WWSD is that it is a 1400 dollar rifle. What you get for 1400 is a rifle with a list of specs that two experts doing a thought exercise came to.  They didn't give a shit about price when they were building it.  This puts it in a weird sort of place, because it was not built as a list of specs that had to hit a price point.  EVERYTHING is built to hit a price point.    

 I also don't think that having a fully built rifle was what  the original project was about anyway.  I could be wrong, but to me this was a thought exercise that ended in a commercial product.  One of the reasons it interested me when I first started to follow it was because the guys at Inrange, who I TRULY respect, were not trying to sell me shit.  They were raiding the parts bins of the modern world and building a rifle that was as modern as they could get it.  

That train of thought got my mind interested and I liked it.  

So what I sell is a kit form in keeping with the original idea.  YOU build it how YOU want. 

My enthusiast gun guy loves this idea.

But I have to be honest, most people don't AT ALL.