Who the hell is this Guy!?

Why the hell should I listen to him?

What are his CREDENTIALS!?

All of these are legitimate questions and if you are asking them, you are already proving you are smart and taking this stuff seriously.

That is a good thing.

So let me lay a few things out.

First off, I have a real job and this ain't it. In my world this is called a "hustle."

See, I work as a full time trainer for an armed government agency. Before I got that job I worked in prisons wearing a badge, a pair of handcuffs, a body alarm and a smile. As time went on, I got more stuff to wear on my belt, I even carried a gun from time to time depending on where I worked.

But that is all I can say about that. I wont say where, or what department, or what part of the country, or anything like that.

Social media policy, it is a bitch.

If you don't believe me, I don't really give a shit and I still wont tell you any of those details because this website and business does not pay my bills, feed my kids or supply my retirement. If you don't want to listen to what I have to say because I am not credible to you because I wont give you my government E-mail Address, that's cool. I will just go fuck myself and you can do the same.

But if you take me at my word, then there is a few other things that I need to lay out.....

First, I am NOT a cop. In fact, as soon as I punch out of where I work, I get no "off duty" police powers, qualified immunity, the benefit of the doubt, any of that. In other words I am just a regular guy, with no legal or moral obligations other then any guy who works at any other regular job.

I have to have a regular old CCW license and have to follow the exact same rules as everybody else who is not a cop.

Just like you.

Except, I had to go to and still go to all kinds of cool "cop training," I had to know the law, I had to know how to fight with everything from my bare hands to a grenade launcher, I had to know how to talk to people who want to kill me and hate me on a regular basis. I had to learn how to live in a soup of stress, fear and confusion mixed in with boredom and human shit.

More importantly to you, I had to know how to TEACH people who literally worked at Pizza Hut two days before how to do all of that stuff too.

And I got about three weeks to do it.

Government training budgets, they are a bitch.

So yeah, I do a lot of training. I take extra training, more then the government gives me. I read a lot of books. I have been in my share of fights. I have dealt with the people that you don't want to ever meet on a daily basis and got into their heads and their business.

I have seen first hand how violence can devastate a man psychologically, how a violent act of a predator can cause a traumatic injury that can change a woman into a totally different person, how bad tactics can get you hurt when they are supposed to work, how a person freezes under combative stress, how the body and mind can fail in the moment of extreme violence.

I have seen the best of the best....

And the worst of the worst.

So how I train my people, what I train them and the effort I put into them, directly effects how safe they are, how to handle it and how to avoid the bad outcomes.

That level of burden falls on me.

I own it.

So I try not to fuck around.

What I teach is what works, What I sell is what I know works. I dumped the "cool guy shit" a long time ago. I have been taught a bunch of "cool guy shit" that instructors use to make themselves look cool. I have used equipment that is total garbage. I have even tried to use some of it real world and it failed.

Believe me, it is terrifying when it didn't work and you needed it to.

I don't have time for that.

You don't either dammit!

Don't get me wrong here, I am not an asshole. In fact, most of my students report to me that I am pretty enjoyable to learn from. People even call me funny. One of my instructors told me recently, "That is one thing I like about you Jones, you can get people laughing and they listen to you and learn better because of it."

But I am intense at times. I have been told that I can be "intimidating."

But to quote Clint Smith: "You think I am scary?! I am baby Jesus compared to the average predator." I tend to agree.

And I Love you.

That sounds hokey and weird, but I love all of my students whether they are officers, teachers, high school students, Doctors, sheriffs deputies, college students, Girl Scouts or just mindful citizens. I teach them all because I love them and I don't want to see them fail when they deal with the number one human phobia, interpersonal violence.

So that is who I am.

That is why you should maybe listen to me.

Those are my "credentials."

If you don't think that is good enough, that's fine with me.

I will just go fuck myself and you can do the same.

RDMF Jones