The C/O's Companion (COC)

The C/O's Companion (COC):

The Correction Officer (C/O) Companion was designed in response to a specific problem of those who are issued and have to carry stuff, but then are not issued a good way to actually carry the stuff. Most duty gear is designed around the idea of an officer carrying a gun, there are a ton of holsters and mag pouches out there for those, but when it comes to the other stuff, options become more and more limited.

Furthermore, officers are often issued duty gear designed to be carried on an actual "Duty Belt" where the entire belt comes on and off. That is great for your gear and you can carry a metric crap ton of stuff around your waist with one. But what if you don't have a metric crap ton of gear you have to carry? Further, what if you don't have to carry a gun everyday? Then the downsides of the duty belt come into focus with few of the benefits.

I don't know if you ever had the onset of explosive Diarrhea during a shift, but stripping off belt keepers and loosening a duty belt before you need to get a new set of pants to get through the rest of your shift is not fun. Also adding things and taking things off of a duty belt is a pain in the ass on a lot of levels.

See, a C/O may have gear that needs to change from day to day. One day, he has a gun, mag pouch, cuffs, OC, baton, radio and keys. The next day he has a body alarm, keys, cuffs and OC. One of the things on the belt that tends to be the same regardless is the Cuffs and OC.

So not having a duty belt but a good sturdy pants belt is an option, however most OC and cuff cases are designed to be on a Duty belt, so you have to undo your belt and thread all of that crap through it. ANNOYING.

So the COC is a solution to fix the problem.

ONE thing, that clips on the belt, and does not need to be threaded through it, that carries your two most issued items. No big, cumbersome duty belt, no threading holsters on and off depending on the post you have that day, no possible crap stains down your leg from the emergency bathroom run you have to make because of the gas station sushi you grabbed on the way in.

The unit is small enough it can fit in your lunchbox while you clear the metal detector and you can wait to clip it on until you get to post. It is good for administrators or investigators who still have to carry the gear, but need to do it in plainclothes. One thing to think about, one thing to use. One constant companion.


This unit has been thoroughly tested real world. I have sold over 100 of them to my fellow employees over the last decade since I first tried to make one for myself using Kydex and a heatgun in my garage.

Here is a thing you should know about COs.... If you give the average one three ball bearings and put them into a room alone with them for 30 minutes, one of the ball bearings will be broken, the second one will be missing and the third one will be pregnant.

So yeah, they broke them, a lot.

My test lab was way worse then anything I could cook up to show you. I well remember the first one I saw that had yellow paint streaks on it. I asked the officer where those came from and he told me they were from a fight where the holder hit a yellow barrier pole as he was entangled with a guy twice his size. "It probably stopped me from getting way more hurt, the holder took the hit, not me. "

So each iteration was improved, re-improved and improved again as the officers found new and creative ways to break them.



Spring steel clips allow the unit to come on and off the pants belt

Designed to hold Peerless Hinged cuffs (which are the biggest on the market} however, Smith and Wesson and Peerless hinged and chained WILL fit in this unit and work. They wiggle around a bit, but wont come out without some serious shaking of the unit upside down.

Designed for 4 OZ/ MK4 can sizes and fits Fox and Sabre brands.

Open top, no flap design keeps the OC can protected from impact and allows a quicker draw and re-holster. (The flap on the typical OC holster is a joke anyway)

Cuffs are held in by thick Kydex formed around the handcuff body. The unit can be turned over and shook and the cuffs will not fall out, yet a firm upward yank separates the Cuffs from the holster and has them in your hand where and when you need them.


55.00 Shipped to CONUS


This model is designed because of demand. I specifically designed this thing to NOT need a duty belt but a lot of folks wanted one that fit on the duty belt anyway. OK then. Kind of misses the point but whatever.


Same as above but with THICK COWHIDE belt remnants as straps in place of the steel clips. This model is designed to be fit onto a duty belt.

They are intentionally going to be TIGHT to get on and you may need to wet the straps and shove some wood pieces into them to get the thing on your belt.

Price 65.00 Shipped to CONUS

UPGRADE Either model to different colors or patterns:

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