USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Course


I gotta warn you... This is a pretty blunt training description on Concealed Handgun License classes.... if you read it, you might actually feel insulted... so keep scrolling or go screw yourself, I don't care.

So it has been several years since I have taught a concealed carry course. Back when I did them they were a mandatory 12 hours. I was certified to as an instructor through the NRA as was a buddy of mine and we did them as a weekend thing. It was years ago (a decade).

I had some success with it financially and felt like we had a decent course. When I went to a small shop I started to do several courses a month. I was certifying 20 to 30 people a month at one point. Making money. Which was helpful when I was the only income winner with a wife, mortgage and 3 kids.

But then, as is always the case, things change.

Ohio changed the course down to 8 hours and the NRA decided to monkey around with a half e-learning half live-fire course that made the model of making any money off it much more difficult. Also NRA mandated 8 hours of basic pistol training, so the other 4 hours, when I would go over the laws and use of force was eliminated from the course.

I tried to stay in it, but I just stopped doing them. The course was a joke. Ethically, I couldn't just do a 8 hour course on how to not shoot yourself in the ass and give people a pamphlet on the laws and send them on their way.

Then on top of that, you had the REAL assholes who did everything just barely legally and sometimes flat out illegally and give out certificates like they were toilet paper. They did this with no consideration. There were even official investigations into some of these guys but, somehow, they still stayed in business.

I lost lots of students to the "why would I give you 100 bucks when this guy will do it for 70?" Crowd. When I would try to explain that mine was better, they didn't give a shit, because my certificates were from the same organization theirs were.

SCREW this shit.. I'm out.

So about a decade later, my partners and l actually parlay a small gun show hobby business into a legit gun store. It is small, but it is making money here and there. And EVERYONE keeps asking for CCW classes. I tell them all... nope. We wont do that. I cant do that anymore. I don't CARE if I can make money, I don't CARE if you really want one. NO.

The training business is cutthroat and quite frankly, most people walk around with a CCW will drop 80 bucks on an AR 15 part but not on some extra training. They buy a pretty Kimber for 1000 dollars but will scoff at an extra class or two. Most of these guys have "been shooting all their lives" or some dumb nonsense like that and think they know stuff. They don't know what they don't know. Period. I suspect they never will.

And I don't want them.

I would rather sell them an 80 dollar AR 15 part or a thousand dollar pretty gun, because they actually care about that stuff more then their lives, more then their retirement accounts or their freedom, because when they actually NEED to use any of that stuff in a real situation, they are going to loose all three of them.

And I want nothing to do with it.

But people kept asking.

And I never stopped training.

Or teaching. Other classes, other places, never to the masses. I was all the way out of that life.

But people kept asking and I hate telling customers no. Family keeps asking. Friends keep asking. I HATE telling them no.

So I start to look around.

Turns out NRA isn't the only game in town anymore.

And it turns out that USCCA actually had a DEFENSIVE pistol course talking about stuff a CCW holder actually needs to know.

And it is more work, higher requirements and more money to get into.

I did the research.

I reviewed the course content.

In the NRA course, I was required to teach a whole section on the proper loading and unloading of single action revolvers.

This took an hour.

Let me ask you something, WHAT THE HELL does being able to load and unload a single action revolver have to do with anyone who is trying to learn how to learn to carry a gun for personal protection?!


I have taught this stuff for over a decade and you know what? The only guy who ever showed up with a single action revolver was me, to use it to demonstrate how to load and unload it. So how is that relevant? It is NOT. This is NOT 1885!

The NRA course is not a Concealed Handgun Course! It is a Basic Pistol course!

That is what is on the certificate. It DOES NOT say concealed carry anywhere on it!

I would much rather spend that hour telling you what you should say to the cops so you don't go to prison after you just shot someone in self defense then how to work a single action revolver.

I would much rather tell you how to clear a malfunction on a Semi-auto handgun quickly rather then wait for 10 seconds frozen hoping it is not a hang fire while the attacker rips the gun away and kills you with it.

I would much rather tell you the difference between cover and concealment and how to be more situationally aware or what the body does during a defensive encounter then the history of why the 9mm is called so many different, confusing names.

ONE CHAPTER on the USCCA course is really about guns. One CHAPTER on the USCCA course is really about shooting! The other SIX are about stuff that is a LOT more important then that.

I can live with this content. It is actually really good. On par with a lot of other courses I have taken that cover a lot less for a lot more money.

So I am back in this game.

And I don't want you.

If you want to shop around to get a 60 dollar "CCW" course while you carry a 1200 dollar Kimber, I don't want you.

If you know everything because you have "BEEN SHOOTING YOUR WHOLE LIFE!" I don't want you.

If you walk around going "I carry a gun, and would rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6!" I don't want you.

If you call yourself a "sheepdog" and you have punisher sculls on your Glock... I don't want you.

If you actually want to admit you don't know what you don't know, would like to learn a few things and don't mind paying for it in time and money. Then this is the course that might be for you.

If you got to this point, maybe you are one of the guys I don't want. Great. I'll just go over and screw myself and you can go your way and do the same.

I didn't want you here anyway, quite frankly I don't want the liability of testifying in court for you, nor do I want to look into your kids eyes and say I am sorry when you go off to prison or are dead.

Yeah, your 60 dollar "CCW course instructor" wont own it like I do.

But if you actually want to take this serious...

Well.. we do courses only once a month and charge 150.00. I know, I wont make as much money as all the 60 dollar rednecks and retired cops who teach an 8 hour course of irrelevant information and have you shoot a piece of notebook paper with a .22, hitting it most of the time every weekend, I don't care.

It is two days, the first day is 8 hours of classroom and the next day is range QUALIFICATION. Yes, I make you shoot to a standard. The second day takes as long as it takes.

I give you GOALS to work toward after you are out of my class. I guarantee you will shoot better and know more then you did before you came regardless of how much shooting you have done your whole life.

My course is good for a CHL in Ohio and Michigan.

Yes, it costs more.

Yes it takes more time.

Yes it is totally worth it.

Every person who has taken it from me and had taken another course in the past will tell you there is no comparison. That includes the 21 year old female (her dad took her to his when she was 14), the 40 year old man (who took a course but never got the license and let the certificate expire) or the 60 year old grandmother (who let her course expire as well).

I would not carry a crappy gun, nor would I sell one to you.

Just like I would not take a crappy class, nor would I sell one to you.

And I don't give a damn about the minimum standards and that you can get it for 60 bucks.

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